20" - 10 pcs Straight Human Hair Extension Kit by Hairdo

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100% Human Hair

Length without limits! This 10 piece kit offers you endless possibilities. The 100% human hair measures 20�??? long so add volume to long hair or length to short hair. Wear your hair up or down and style it straight or wavy.

Application: Starting at the nape, take side to side sections and clip in the pieces starting with the smallest and working your way up.

Tip: Tease your root for added comfort and security before clipping in. When styling your hair back, position the extension so the hair flows in the same direction.

5 oz. (140g)

Includes ten 20�??? long pieces in the following widths:
1 �??? 8�??? piece
1 �??? 7�??? piece
2 �??? 6�??? pieces
2 �??? 4�??? pieces
4 �??? 3�??? pieces
Use as many or as few as you wish. -???Attaches with pressure-sensitive clips

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