Tweezers for Individual and 3D 6D Volume Mink Eyelash Extensions Curved Point Tweezers Professional Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers

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1. Easily removable: the lash is easily removable from the transfer strip.
2. Easily picked: the paper strip is easily removable from the basis. 
3. Stable curl: the curl keeps stable and thickness standard. 
4. No residue: the lash has no residue from the transfer strip. 
5. No kink: the lash has no kink. 
6. Non-sticky: the lash do not stick together after removed from the transfer strip. 
7. Great material: high quality raw material. 
FINE TECHNOLOGY :These high precision pointed tweezers spread the natural lashes making it easier to separate and isolate the desired lash for application.With Sophisticated fine,they can be adapted to very fine works in the 0.01mm object in a long contact surface.These tweezers can be used for Jewelry,Dental,Laboratory and the tick of dog. 

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