Eyelash Lash Eyelashes Wave Curling Perming Curler Rod Glue Perm Kit Sets

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  • It is fast, efficient, hygienic, and long lasting.
  • Use it to create beautiful curled eyelashes without eyelash curler.
  • Perming your lashes frames the eyes, giving the appearance of longer, thicker lashes
  • Guid for beauty specialist:1.First application (Pink) : Curling agent ,make eyelash natural curly. 2.Second application (Light Blue) : finalizing agent,keep eyelash Curled about 3 months. 3.Third application (Yellow) :This is a nutritive liquid.
  • Package include: 3pcs Curling agent (Pink), 3pcs Fixative agent (Light Blue), 2pcs Nutritive liquid(Yellow), 2pcs Cleanser (Clear), 16pcs Paper stick, 1pcs Eyelash glue, 1Pcs Spatula, 6

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