VIP Lashes Curling Perming Kit

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  • 100% Brand New and High Quality;
  • Case box size: approx 9.5*6.5*2.5 Inch
  • Fantastic Extra longer Eyelash Perming Curling Kit Set.
  • The process of eyelash styling aid for your wide-eyed charming look, and this process transform your look into a charming and active one.
  • It is fast, efficient, hygienic, and ling lasting. In addition, no extra heating is required, in the process price wise it is very economical to use.???
    Includes 3 Size Rods, These rods are already sticky, do not need to use glue additional. It's Nonreusable.
    Also includes 3 Size Rods. These rods need to use glue(Included). it's reusable.
    Case box size: approx 9.5*6.5*2.5 Inch Weight: 340g

    Package Including:

    3 x Eyelash Perming Solution 5ml
    3 x Eyelash Treatment First Cream 5ml
    2 x Eyelash Cleanser 5ml
    2 x Eyelash Restore 5ml
    1 x Eyelash Proteid Glue 15ml
    1 x Eyelash Growth Liquid 10ml
    1 x Pink Airpump
    1 x Tweezers (Curved)
    1 x Plastic Split Eyelash Tool
    20 x Disposable Eyelash Mascara Comb
    20 x Micro Brushes (Random Design)
    2 x Silicone Rods, S/M/L each 2 Pieces
    5 x Lint-free Eyelashes Under Patch Pad
    1 x Sticky Rods, S size, 32 Pieces/Sheet
    1 x Sticky Rods, M size, 32 Pieces/Sheet
    1 x Sticky Rods, L size, 32 Pieces/Sheet
    1 x Fashion Case

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