Walker Tape - Signature

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-Walker signature minis are a maximum-wear tape.They are super thin,dull,and flexible,making them very comfortable .The smaller size allows you to place the tape exactly where it's needed on the unit and is great for touchups.

WALKER SIGNATURE ROLLS:-Our signature tape is the thinnest 4+ week tape on the market ! it's only 6.5 mils thick. we started with our ultra hold tape and made it thinner and stronger.

-Walker signature adhesive: we took advantage of the latest in the adhesive technology to create the strongest liquid adhesive walker tape has ever come up with.Stronger than ultra hold? You bet it is.It is a clear acrylic adhesive that is waterproof ,great for lace,poly,and skin units,and gives a reliable 4-6 week hold.

WALKER SIGNATURE REMOVER: Our signature remover is a medical grade organic citrus based solvent.You read that right!The winning combo of medical gradeand organic makes this solvent incredibly unique and gentle . It's the fastest sensitive skin solvent that we offer.

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